Surrey’s courts told to clean up their act

In our recent blog, we commented on how The Bank of England’s facelift coincided with the traditional spring cleaning period. This week, our Management and London Office Cleaning Teams saw an article in getSURREY regarding the poor state of cleanliness in courts across the county. This got us thinking about how important it is that the right professionals are used for the large cleaning projects. Our experienced and committed teams, our flexible yet methodical approach and our enthusiasm for innovation are key to us providing a superior London office cleaning service and the same model should be applied when cleaning public buildings.

According to the article, HM Inspectorate of Prisons found “serious shortcomings in both safety and cleanliness” among other issues. Guildford Crown Court was seen as being in a poor state, requiring deep cleans, redecoration and graffiti removal.

Since the findings, an HM Courts and Tribunals Service spokesman said that “inter-agency relationships have been strengthened to ensure that operations are run effectively and in accordance with the contract”. He continued: “a meeting of the [appropriate] agencies has been arranged to consider the report. A programme of deep cleaning is already in place and is carried out twice yearly for courts in Surrey and Sussex.”

Superclean Services’ London Office Cleaning teams are equipped to provide exceptional deep-cleaning services – as well as undertaking routine cleaning programmes.

For an intense deep-clean, that your organisation will benefit from for months to come, call our London office cleaning teams free today on 0800 0151 752. Alternatively, call us for information on our outstanding, more regular cleaning services.  We will gladly offer our assistance.