Now wash your hands

Hand hygiene features high on the list of priorities for Superclean Services’ HQ and London office cleaning teams. We understand its importance and promote best practise in this area. Of course, the London offices we clean are already streets ahead. By using the expert services of our extraordinary London office cleaning teams, these working environments are in a pristine condition.

Our management and London office cleaning teams were therefore perturbed to hear the results of a recent study undertaken by Initial Washroom Hygiene which highlighted how ‘one in three UK workers use their phone on the toilet’.

The European Cleaning Journal also reported that ‘almost one in 12 even consume food and drink there.’

The questioning of 1,000 UK office workers to observe Global Handwashing Day was commissioned to give information on ‘the state of hand washing habits in office environments.’ With around a third (32 per cent) admitting to using their smartphones whilst in the office washroom, more work clearly needs to be done on hand hygiene education.

The washroom environment was named as the main cause for poor hand hygiene.

Our Washrooms & Janitorial Cleaning Supplies Services are tailored to organisational needs. Whether you are looking for a complete re-fit or you need one small product, our specialist teams will be able to advise and assist. Our janitorial services are second-to-none, offering staff a hygienically clean and comfortable environment to refresh before getting back to work.

We believe that the standard of washrooms in the workplace are often subliminally seen as a reflection of a company’s appreciation – and care – of its workforce. Unclean or unhygienic washrooms do not lend themselves well to a general feeling of positivity.

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