Indoor Pollution

Our London office cleaning teams are highly-trained to ensure that all premises are healthy, safe and hygienically clean – all the while remaining environmentally-friendly.  

High levels of Service

The Superclean Services’ Management and London Office Cleaning teams were interested in two European Cleaning Journal articles on hotels and cleanliness.  

Super Cleaning Products

A recent article on Which?’s website recommends the best cleaning products to buy at your supermarket.  Of course, the London office cleaning products we use differ in that they are industrial products, fit for purpose.  Nonetheless, as our Management and London Office Cleaning teams are interested in all things cleaning-related, this was certainly of interest to us.  

Spring Cleaning – Rain or Shine

Although the traditional spring clean may be on the wane in our homes according to the latest polls, when it comes to London office cleaning, a seasonal deep clean is as popular as ever with our clients.