Self-cleaning Plane Cabin

At this time of year, with the sun making more appearances, our thoughts turn to summer and jetting off to even warmer climates.

Board Rooms

Most of the London offices we clean have the same or similar kinds of work areas.  One that many of our clients have in common is the Board Room; where staff meetings take place and where customers, potential customers and suppliers come to discuss important issues.  

Monumental Clean

Superclean Services’ Management and London Office Cleaning teams were interested to hear of a cleaning operation taking place on a statue that is steeped in history and set in London’s Wellington Arch.  

London Marathon and Big Ben

The Superclean Services’ London office cleaning teams are interested in all things cleaning related; especially when it’s all things cleaning in London.  In between cleaning London offices, we glean various news bulletins on events in the capital or reports on the latest cleaning innovations.