92 Year Old Cleaner

Superclean Services’ – London office cleaning specialists – knows that a company can only ever be as good as the people working for it.

Mice Infestation

We often talk of how our outstanding London office cleaning teams can save you money.  Be it by way of a healthier workforce, staff morale and motivation or impressing (and retaining) customers when they visit your sparkling London offices.

Hand Wipes v Gel

On noticing how many of us now buy and use either hand wipes or gel with antibacterial properties, it got the Superclean Services’ management team and London office cleaning teams thinking about which is the most effective.

Hand Hygiene

We often mention the importance of hand hygiene in our blogs.  The Superclean management team and London office cleaning teams have long understood the value of these products to employers and staff.  This has now been further investigated in a recently published study.