Smog Cleaning Building

Wired recently reported on a ‘smog eating’ tower. Naturally, this caught the eye of the Superclean Services’ HQ and London office cleaning teams. We place major importance on innovation;

London Office Cleaning team’s reaction to supermarket hygiene lapse

With the high levels of cleanliness adopted by Superclean Services, its management and London office cleaning teams we were horrified to see a recent BBC report on how the crates used by Asda for its home delivery service showed disconcerting levels of bacteria.

How green cleaning changed my life and family

The Superclean Services’ London office cleaning Environmental Policy Statement outlines our commitment to being environmentally friendly. Our London office cleaning teams are fully trained and highly skilled in all matters relating to reducing our carbon footprint.

Now wash your hands

Hand hygiene features high on the list of priorities for Superclean Services’ HQ and London office cleaning teams. We understand its importance and promote best practise in this area.