92 Year Old Cleaner

Superclean Services’ – London office cleaning specialists – knows that a company can only ever be as good as the people working for it. We understand that having the right ethos, systems and effective measuring methods in place all help; however without the right people in our outstanding London office cleaning teams – it just wouldn’t work.  One of our key strengths is staff (and client) retention.  Most of our London office cleaning team members have been with us for many years.

We value every member of our team.  That is why when we saw a recent Wall Street Journal article about Hazel Ingram, a 92 year old office cleaner who loves what she does, we could relate to her, her love of cleaning and her desire to continue doing the job she enjoys so much.  We couldn’t help but liken her values to ours.

Ms Ingram says she has no plans to retire: “I just love cleaning,” she confirms.

Georgia-born Ms Ingram now resides in the Brooklyn neighbourhood of East New York.  She has worked for 65 years as a cleaner, 60 of them in the same Madison Avenue building, employed by real estate and management firm Steinberg & Pokoik.  She is such a familiar face there, that when workers see her, she is often greeted with a hug.  Staff members threw her a party to celebrate her many years of service.  Real-estate agent Vincent Santoro, 48, said “She has this really interesting presence in the building.”  He went on: “She really takes pride in working there and in what she does.”

One of the reasons for our longevity (Superclean Services has been established for over 40 years) is the fact that we really get to know our clients.  We get to know how they work, tailor cleaning programmes to suit them and are always looking for ways to work with them more efficiently.

To experience our unrivalled levels of dedication – and a London office cleaning service with a difference – call Superclean Services today on 0800 0151 752.  Our London office cleaning teams will be only too glad to help.