The office cleaning specialists in London

Several key elements keep Superclean Services at the helm of its profession today. With a unique blend of traditional values and innovative thinking, we remain a model cleaning provider, never standing still; continually developing.

We think the ingredients of our success are best summed up as ‘Comprehensive Cleaning Care’; though there are other key elements, which include:

  • Office Cleaning
  • Blinds & Curtains
  • Window Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Janitorial Supplies
  • Continuance
    Experience and longevity give Superclean Services a competitive edge and assure new customers of an entirely professional service. We are proud to have earned an enviable reputation.
  • Continuity
    Our regular clients benefit from their own designated cleaner or cleaning team
  • Character
    Our standing is exemplary. Tried, tested and proven. Our London office cleaning services offer excellent value and come very highly recommended; we have many, many loyal clients.
  • Communication
    Processes are well-documented: as a guide for cleaners; for task completion confirmation for clients; and for monitoring purposes for us.
  • Cleaning
    Cleaning is the very essence of what we do – and we do it exceptionally well. Emphasis is on hygiene; pleasant-looking offices are important, yet we do so much more than make them look clean. We make sure that they are clean; hygienically clean, welcoming and productive.
  • Client relationships and care
  • Understanding our clients’ needs and preferences means that our teams can deliver, leaving offices hygienically clean; and they do it with minimum disruption. We care about our clients, their teams, their workplaces and the environment, taking our responsibilities seriously.
  • Cleaning challenges: awareness
    As we get to know our clients, their needs, expectations and their premises, we organically acquire an understanding of potential cleaning challenges and ways to overcome them.
  • Creative thinking
    Our teams are fully trained in all cleaning matters. They will make recommendations as necessary: if there is a better way to do something, they will find it.
  • Continual monitoring, auditing and measuring
    Regularly reviewing our systems, practises and results, we ensure our exceptionally high standards of hygiene are consistently met. Client feedback is encouraged. We meet – and exceed where possible – industry standards, legislation and accreditations. Continually reviewing and developing our cleaning systems and equipment, only the most technologically advanced methods are used.
  • Comprehensive approach
    The Superclean Services’ London office cleaning programmes are tailored to each client’s needs and are particularly detailed. Our approach to cleaning is comprehensive; and our range of cleaning services is comprehensive too.