Air Smart

It is well documented in previous blogs that our London office cleaning personnel are keen to learn about new innovations that will ensure our methods of cleaning London offices are the most hygienic and safe in the capital.  Recent news in the European Cleaning Journal of a new “sensor box that monitors factors such as humidity, lighting levels and particulate matter arising from printers and other equipment” is, in our opinion, revolutionary.  Air Smart from Alpheois could be used with cleaning trolleys to improve working environments – something we strive for when cleaning London offices.

Placing the appliance on a cleaning trolley means that it can be pushed throughout a building and assess all accessible areas, continuously monitoring the atmosphere. It is said to be ideal for companies with high sickness levels.  As Alpheois’ senior account manager, Eric Muller points out: poor lighting can cause headaches and particulate matter from printers could lead to lung problems for staff.  He says: “Low humidity can also cause headaches and dehydration,” and goes on to say: “Staff may also receive static shocks from door handles and other equipment when the air becomes too dry.”

So, why are we so enamoured with this particular innovation?  Firstly, our London office cleaning teams know that one of the biggest benefits to our customers is reduced staff sickness.  Which makes us wonder: could this invention be the best add-on investment a company could make?  Whilst Air Smart doesn’t clean workplaces, it does give you invaluable information – firstly regarding the well-being of your staff and secondly what needs to be addressed to avoid the associated costs of staff absence due to sickness.

There is another reason for championing this new equipment.  It is hoped that cleaners would be trained to interact with building occupants and share their findings, says Muller.  “For example, a cleaner could point out when humidity is low and suggest that windows are opened,” he explained.  “He or she could also recommend a change of lighting.”

This is where our London office cleaning teams are already one step ahead, as we train all staff to look for and suggest better ways of ensuring a more hygienic workplace and systems of cleaning, tailored to our clients to minimise disruption and increase productivity.  Innovations such as Air Smart are only going to enhance our proactive relationships with clients.

If your workplace would benefit from a more hygienic clean or you would like more information on our tailored London office cleaning programmes, please call us today on 0800 0151 752.  Our London office cleaning specialists will be pleased to help.