The Annual Glastonbury Clean-Up

With business as usual for Superclean Services and our dedicated London office cleaning teams hard at work, we are always interested to see the many pictures of the Glastonbury festival – before, during and after.  It is particularly pleasing to see the results of a perfectly planned and executed clean-up operation.  Our London office cleaning specialists know this from the many deep cleans we undertake following a workplace event, such as a party, exhibition, conference or open day.  In addition to our more routine cleans, our London office cleaning professionals often tackle these types of one-off cleans or indeed, seasonal deep cleans.

At the time of writing, ITV reported on the Glastonbury operation, stating that there were half a million sacks of rubbish and that the major clean-up was underway at the site of the five-day music festival, following the departure of the 135,000 revellers.

This year, the mud appeared to be thicker than ever which undoubtedly made the job more difficult for the 1,800 litter pickers that were involved.  It was estimated that 57 tonnes of reusable items were left behind.

As they continue cleaning London offices, the Superclean Services’ teams work in the most environmentally-friendly way possible.  If there is a greener way of doing it, our expert teams will either know of it or will find it.

If you are holding an event and would like to experience our exceptional London office cleaning services, we would be happy to help.  And if you are considering a one-off deep clean, we will be happy to assist, whatever your needs – whether for appearance or hygiene purposes or both.  Our London office cleaning specialists can advise on one-off and seasonal deep cleans and more regular London office cleaning programmes.  Call us today on 0800 0151 752 for more information.