Food and Hygiene

Our teams are trained to carry out London office cleaning with hygiene and safety at the forefront of their minds.  Because public awareness is so great on the links between poor cleanliness levels and health, the impact clean workspaces can have on staff and visitors cannot be underestimated.  Undoubtedly, comfort levels change in unclean spaces and this of course has a direct impact on workforce output and whether customers will consider using you or staying with you.  Because we specialise in cleaning London offices, our customers benefit from having sparkling and hygienic workplaces.  We noticed that hygiene in the food industry lately had been hitting the headlines lately and naturally this made us think about our own high standards of London office cleaning.

Firstly, the European Cleaning Journal reports that on-screen “TV chefs set poor hand hygiene habits” naming Jamie Oliver as one of the worst culprits.

News of a baker being sacked from Greggs for not washing his hands and having his claim for unfair dismissal rejected was covered in WalesOnline.

And unsurprisingly, “UK public makes food hygiene number one priority when eating out” reports The Cleanzine, stating that “UK consumers are united in not tolerating poor food hygiene ratings and simply won’t visit places that have had food safety issues, no matter what type of restaurant they are”.  The online magazine states that UK consumer research undertaken by shows “diners would rather put up with poor service from rude and unhelpful staff than eat at dirty restaurants”.

The above stories highlight the lack of tolerance to poor hygiene.  And as more stories like these hit the news, standards are likely to elevate.  Whilst the above stories relate to food, hygiene unquestionably features as a priority in all circumstances – leisure, home, travel or work.  And that is where we come in.  If you have London offices that you feel could do with an exceptional clean, our London office cleaning teams are on hand to help.

For more information on how Superclean Services can help to keep your London offices impeccably clean, call us today on 0800 0151 752.  Whether you are looking for a bespoke London office cleaning programme or a one-off or seasonal deep clean, our teams of London office cleaners will be happy to assist.