Grand Canyon Skywalk

With summer holidays very much in mind and many of us – even the Superclean Services’ management team and London office cleaning teams – thinking of well-earned breaks in far-away places, we feel we should spare a thought for those that make our destinations safe and welcoming places.  None so much as the specialist technicians whom recently took to cleaning the Grand Canyon Skywalk.  With our own outstanding teams of London office window cleaning technicians, we know only too well the lengths needed to go to in order to ensure the safety of such skilled and dedicated professionals when cleaning London offices – let alone a Skywalk.

The Grand Canyon viewing platform is a $30 million, horseshoe-shaped structure which juts out 70 feet over the Colorado River and offers sightseers a breath-taking view of the canyon floor which is 4,000 feet below.  The expert window cleaning technicians worked on over 40 specially-strengthened glass panes and rappelled into the Canyon to collect rubbish and other items dropped by visitors.  Two men cleaned under the glass bottom of the landmark – no mean feat, given the difficult nature of reaching the panes.

The work was undertaken by Phoenix-based Abseilon USA who belong to the Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians and offers workers “200 per cent fall protection”.

Superclean Services is able to provide the entire range of window cleaning services.  Our teams of London office window cleaning technicians are  IRATA-qualified industrial abseiling specialists and have tackled many a mean feat themselves.  Cleaning windows from inside and out, buildings are left looking smarter and more welcoming from the outside and from the inside allows more natural light into the building which aids the well-being of staff and visitors.

For all your London office window cleaning requirements – and indeed any London office cleaning requirements at all – please call us today on 0800 0151 752.  Our teams of London office cleaning experts will be glad to help.