Hand Hygiene

We often mention the importance of hand hygiene in our blogs.  The Superclean management team and London office cleaning teams have long understood the value of these products to employers and staff.  This has now been further investigated in a recently published study. 

Our London office cleaning teams were not surprised to read in the European Cleaning Journal that “Sickness claims fall when [an] office is supplied with hand sanitiser”.  The study was a joint venture, undertaken by GOJO and Medical Mutual of Ohio and the results were published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine.

The research found that hand hygiene-preventable illness claims – for cold, flu and respiratory complaints – reduced by 24.3 per cent in a US office where a hand hygiene programme was implemented.  It also reported 13.4 per cent fewer sick periods or unscheduled time off days among the staff who participated in the hand hygiene programme compared with the previous year.

Kathy Golovan, chief health officer and executive vice president for Medical Mutual said: “The significance of this study is that it demonstrates an immediate health solution for employers that is easy to implement, cost-effective and that employees clearly value.”

As our teams go about busily cleaning London offices, they help keep germs at bay whilst aiding the wellbeing and contentment of staff.  The more frequent the clean, the less germs will be present, which is why our daily London office cleaning programmes are so popular.

All of our London office cleaning programmes are bespoke.  Our specialist London office cleaning teams work with these plans every day; they are their brief, in effect.  They outline each customer’s exact requirements.  Call us free today on 0800 0151 752 to discuss your organisation’s cleaning needs.