Hand Wipes v Gel

On noticing how many of us now buy and use either hand wipes or gel with antibacterial properties, it got the Superclean Services’ management team and London office cleaning teams thinking about which is the most effective.  As our London office cleaning programmes are bespoke, the frequency and time spent at each office varies, depending on the customer’s requirements.  Hence we can also advise clients on how to maintain a hygienically clean workplace in between cleans.

It is natural that once our specialist teams have left an office, it will look clean and tidy; but cleaning isn’t just about how clean your premises looks.  When our invaluable London office cleaning teams have finished, you can be sure your workplace will be hygienically clean.  This will mean that surfaces and equipment will be sanitized helping to keep staff healthy and happy.

There are benefits to purchasing hand sanitising gels and anti-bacterial wipes for workforces.  Using either product can help to keep germs under control in between our London office cleaning teams’ visits – good news for employers and staff alike.

So, which is best?  When it comes to your sparkling clean London offices, we think either are suitable.  As most desks have a waste bin nearby, employees can dispose of wipes easily.  That said, you might find the gel quicker, depending on how you are accessing it.  If you are using your own shop-bought small, squeezy-bottle, it may take a split second longer than if you had a push top dispenser on your desk that just needs one press.  Many workplaces now supply antibacterial foam and even gel dispensers in communal areas. However, no-touch options are by far the best.

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