How green cleaning changed my life and family

The Superclean Services’ London office cleaning Environmental Policy Statement outlines our commitment to being environmentally friendly. Our London office cleaning teams are fully trained and highly skilled in all matters relating to reducing our carbon footprint. When it comes to cleaning London offices, we are confident that not only do we do it in the eco-friendliest way possible, but that we sustain and develop our procedures appropriately.

A recent Telegraph article caught our eye, in which Maria Lally describes “How green cleaning changed my life and family”.

Lally goes on to say how it started with a small change – changing her washing capsules to fragrance-free natural ones. With her two daughters suffering from eczema, and the capsules making a “small but welcome difference to the girls’ skin,” she says since then, she has “never looked back.”

Her passion for green cleaning grew and she notes how she has joined an increasing number of people wishing to find the most environmentally friendly way of clean living. Hollywood actresses Gwyneth Paltrow and Jessica Alba each have a vested interest in the subject.

Paltrow recently noted in “a post on Goop, her lifestyle blog – entitled ‘The Dirty on Getting Clean’” – how “In a world that sadly is growing ever more toxic by the day, we like to be smart where we can.”

And following her baby shower for her first child, in 2008, Alba – who, as a child, had experienced intermittent allergies – broke out in a skin rash, as a result of washing her baby’s clothing in regular washing powder. The star went on to create “a billion-dollar business selling natural cleaning products”.

There is no doubt that there are both environmental and personal benefits to be gained from smart green cleaning. And our London office cleaning teams are well-equipped to offer this service.

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