KBT Fly Tipping

Superclean Services’ management team and London office cleaning specialists found it extraordinary, on seeing BBC One’s The One Show in September, that there are almost one million fly-tipping incidents reported in England each year.  Our London office cleaning teams are highly skilled in how to clean and be ‘green’.

With local authorities spending millions of pounds cleaning up fly-tipping, the popular TV show highlighted the increasing problem, which affects all parts of the country, by visiting Haringey to see how great a problem it is in that one part of London.

The environmental charity, Keep Britain Tidy, is ready to tackle the issue and states that local authorities alone will not be able to eradicate the problem.  Preparations are underway to encourage individuals to responsibly dispose of unwanted rubbish.

The charity is keen to work with those who have to face this difficulty daily, such as “housing associations, private land managers and farmers”.

At Superclean Services, we are all committed to being environmentally-friendly.  We cannot understand why people would do fly-tip, yet it seems that many do.  Our Environmental Policy Statement confirms our environmental goals to be eco-friendly, to recycle, reduce and reuse wherever possible and to dispose of unwanted waste so that it does not affect the environment in any way.

The Superclean Services’ London office cleaning teams have been thoroughly trained accordingly; and this training is ongoing.

For more information on our environmentally-friendly, all-encompassing and tailored London office cleaning programmes, please call today on 0800 0151 752.  Our London office cleaning specialists will be happy assist.