London’s ‘coolest’ offices

When our London Office Cleaning teams visit clients, we’re often presented with a choice between taking the lift or stairs, but taking the slide has so far not been an option.  However, along with meeting rooms which replicate a tardis and a vintage rail carriage, ‘lego breaks’, onsite bars and indoor summer picnic areas, that is exactly what is on offer at some of London’s ‘coolest’ offices according to a video report featured on BT’s website.  This reflects a trend that we have noticed over the last few decades as our teams have been cleaning London offices.

As business thinkers learned more about productivity, particularly in creative industries, ‘break-out areas’ became increasingly popular in London offices.  Psychologists have long understood the link between mood and creativity and, because of this, offices began to install fun additions such as pool tables and jukeboxes to keep creative juices flowing.  Since many of us spend more time at work than we do at home, it makes sense to make the working environment as pleasant as possible.
And a key part of making the work environment pleasant is to ensure that it is hygienically, sparkling clean at all times.  This is where we come in.  We are trusted by organisations in all sectors across the capital to ensure that their London offices are cleaned thoroughly and regularly in such a way that does not impact on work – or play.  We provide a full janitorial service, thorough weekly programmes of cleaning tailored to each client and specialist ‘deep’ cleaning services such as upholstery and window cleaning.  We haven’t yet attempted to clean a slide but – as we’re known for outside the box thinking – we’re confident that we would find the best way to do it.
So what do you think?  Does a ‘cool’ office make for better business and happier employees?  And what would your dream office look like?  We’ll leave the interior design to you, and you can leave the cleaning to us.  Call our friendly team free on 0800 0151 752 or email us at