Robots are no competition for Superclean

With the recent news that there is now a robot cleaner that can empty bins and sweep floors and the teaser advertisements for Humans, the new Channel 4 show, it seems robots that clean are very topical at the moment.  This got the Superclean Services’ management and London office cleaning teams asking the age-old question of whether robots can replace humans.  Our answer was a resounding ‘No’.  At present, as reported in the New Scientist, other “cleaning robots do exist, but they can’t navigate a building autonomously and have one function”.  So, whilst developments are being made, they are no match for us humans.  Our London office cleaning teams care and robots can’t do that!

Whilst Humans is set in a parallel present, the office cleaning robot, developed by roboticist Richard Borman and colleagues at the Fraunhofer Institute in Stuttgart, is real.  Being tested by Dussmann, one of Germany’s largest cleaning companies, the goal is getting it to work alongside human cleaners in large offices, emptying bins and vacuuming floors.  The New Scientist article contains a video of the machine in action.

Recognising dirt on the floor and identifying wastepaper baskets before its robotic arm grabs and empties each bin, the robot is a clever device.  Currently, it is not considered fast enough however, so more work is being done on this and ensuring a longer battery life.

Borman says: “Humans can do about 450 to 500 square metres an hour.”  He goes on: “The robot can do 100 to 120 square metres an hour.”  It would also need to be moved between offices.

Our teams of London office cleaners all have an abundance of knowledge and skills in cleaning-related matters.  However, it is their attitude, their drive to leave offices sparkling and hygienically clean and ensure our customers are happy which guarantees no robot will ever be able to do what we do.

For more information on our bespoke London office cleaning programmes, personally designed by humans and for humans, call us free today on 0800 0151 752.  Our London office cleaning teams will be glad to help.