Safety First …

It is common knowledge that there are harsh cleaning chemicals out there which can be hazardous to those within close proximity.  The health and safety of our London office cleaning teams, our customers and our customers’ customers and visitors is always our top priority.  On reading a recent article in the Huffington Post on how ‘cleaning products at your office could be triggering asthma symptoms’, we therefore felt this was a good opportunity to reassure workers in the London offices we clean.  Our London office cleaning teams ONLY use products which are suitable for cleaning purposes, in line with legislative requirements, and most importantly, safe.

We go above and beyond legal requirements, doing everything possible to ensure the safety of anyone who works in or visits the London offices we clean.  We ensure that our teams are supplied with the right cleaning products and that they are trained effectively on how to best use them.  We believe that the unwavering attitude of our committed London office cleaning teams is one of the principal factors that sets us apart, making us the right choice for any London office cleaning needs.

Our service is bespoke.  Detailed information is gleaned prior to our London office cleaning teams beginning work, so that we can devise London office cleaning programmes, tailored to the way our clients work.  Therefore, if any of your staff have specific health issues, such as allergies or reactions to certain products, we will work around this.

For more information on our tailored London office cleaning services call us free today on 0800 0151 752.