Say Goodbye to Washing up

A recent headline in The Telegraph caught the eyes of our Management and London Office Cleaning Teams: “Say goodbye to washing dishes as scientists create world’s first self-cleaning metal.”  Our London office cleaning employees enjoy all aspects of their work and training, including washing the dishes.  That is why we hold such an exemplary record for keeping our London office cleaning personnel with us for so long, as part of our valued team.  We only hire the highest calibre of staff and train them in all areas of cleaning London offices.

The new antibacterial metal surface is inspired by the leaves of a lotus flower and designed to repel water.  We know that our customers will benefit from the reduction in time spent washing dishes.  Whether it is one of our London office cleaning teams doing the washing up or one of their own employees, this new technology is an exciting development both in terms of efficiency and hygiene.

Luca Romoli, a professor at the University of Parma and leader of the research project said: “It is possible that any use of metal that needs to avoid the formation of bacteria will benefit from the product, such as medical cutting tools, sterile surfaces, dishwashers, or even saucepans.”

Benefits are said to include: making food production quicker, safer and more profitable and the reduction of energy consumption.

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