Superclean Services understands just how important having the right office cleaning services is for our London clients.

We know a hygienically clean environment is vital to creating the right impression for clients and to enhance staff productivity. Staff that work in a clean, safe environment are healthier, more motivated and more productive. It contributes to a reduction in illness and subsequent staff absenteeism – and it helps with staff retention too.

Our Approach

Every client and every office is different and we tailor our approach to make sure it works for you. Some standard day-to-day services all clients benefit from are as follows:

  • Our London office cleaning permanent staff are carefully recruited and directly employed by us. They are trained to a minimum BICSc COPC level and wear uniforms and ID badges. As they are the ‘faces’ of Superclean Services to our clients, we ensure that the right London office cleaning teams are supplied.
  • Our environmental policy is rigorously applied and we strive to establish best environmental practises for the office cleaning industry. Wherever we can we re-use, recycle and reduce.
  • Because we are a medium-sized office cleaning company, we are large enough to handle clients of all sizes, whilst remaining small enough to maintain the personal touch and carefully monitor each site. Each site is assigned an account manager who will undertake a quality audit with the client at their convenience.
  • An on-site operations manual is maintained right from the start of the job and throughout, meaning everyone is clear about procedure; safety and progress; work specification and schedule; insurance details; lists of chemicals used and COSHH data sheets; copy of cleaners’ handbook; Health & Safety at Work policy and risk assessments covering all work processes; colour coding for hygiene; inspection reports and customer service records.