London Office Cleaning team’s reaction to supermarket hygiene lapse

With the high levels of cleanliness adopted by Superclean Services, its management and London office cleaning teams we were horrified to see a recent BBC report on how the crates used by Asda for its home delivery service showed disconcerting levels of bacteria.

As our specialist teams are busily cleaning London offices, they are always aware that workplaces need to be not just visibly clean, but hygienically clean.

The supermarket has apologised for the state of its home delivery crates and has taken “immediate” remedial action. This follows the discovery by BBC One’s Watchdog programme’s investigation, brought about by a customer’s concerns.

With customers highlighting mould, squashed fruit and maggots, it is unsurprising that tests – on crates from 10 different deliveries – showed that bacteria levels on three crates were “equivalent to dirt levels of a kitchen floor,” and that two crates were “extremely dirty,” equivalent to the levels of a kitchen bin.

A government-accredited microbiology laboratory undertook the tests.

Asda confirmed it had ordered the deep cleaning of all home shopping crates and vans and the briefing of all employees on hygiene and food safety rules.

Superclean Services’ London office cleaning teams are extremely knowledgeable on all matters surrounding hygiene and food. They use colour-coded equipment to ensure that there is no cross-contamination when cleaning different areas. In addition, our tailored cleaning programmes guarantee that no areas are missed, while our deep cleaning experts will ensure your workspaces are hygienically clean.

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