The Bank of England

The Superclean Services’ Management and London Office Cleaning teams are well aware of the positive impact on staff and visitors when premises are noticeably clean.  Whilst it is not always possible to see just how clean an environment is at first glance, sometimes our other senses come in to play.
Our London office cleaning professionals leave no stone unturned in their efforts to ensure your premises are sparkling and hygienically clean.

We often talk of the astonishing advantages to be had from having impeccably clean offices in connection with members of staff – their overall wellbeing, levels of motivation, the consequential productivity, improved staff sickness levels, staff retention, for example.  However, the impression the exterior of your premises gives to visitors – be they suppliers, customers or anyone else – cannot be underestimated.

Those responsible for London’s Bank of England clearly recognise this, as the famous Threadneedle Street building has recently undergone a “much-needed facelift,” reports the European Cleaning Journal.

Back in March last year, we noted how the building was set to be revamped, with work being done at weekends so as to minimise disruption.  The project was expected to take 12 weeks.  However, Mark Styles, managing director of Thomann-Hanry – the cleaning and restoration specialists responsible for the work – says that “having to fit around austerity protests and the filming of the James Bond movie ‘Spectre’ meant the project took six months.

That and there was “much more repair work needed to be done than we had expected,” says Styles, adding that: “the building was so dirty we could not have foreseen that from the ground survey. There was 20 years of grime, fumes and pollution.”

Like Thomann-Hanry, we understand that cleaning often needs to fit around other events.  We tailor our cleaning programmes to fit with the way our clients work and to minimise disruption to their planned routine.  In addition, our window cleaning specialists are able to tackle any window cleaning project.

If you would like to know more about our window cleaning services, or indeed, any of our London office cleaning programmes, please call us today on 0800 0151 752. Our London office cleaning experts will be happy to help.